Once again surprising and always an inspiration …

… is the book store of Walther König in colognes Ehrenstraße. The Result of my last visit is a warm orange yellow book on my table. Perhaps it was the subtitle that finally made me take it home: „Lebenswege in eine Welt für sich“ (Life paths to a world of its own).

Life-paths are diverse, and making your way in the world of art, especially as a profession, rarely follow classical patterns or traditional tracks. Franz Schultheis, Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of St. Gallen, has published this volume entitled „Kunst als Passion“ (Art as Passion), ISBN 978-3-96098-429-0, in which he has compiled around 200 interviews with people who talk about their way into the world of art, both professionally and as a private passion.

The publisher of this book is Walther König, the owner of the legendary art-book-store in colognes Ehrenstraße. Walther König was a guest at the career:FORUM of Siegens University in 2014. He knows everybody of importance in art and his ambition as a book dealer is to have every book about art available in his shop or make it available. The screen:BOOK, documenting his visit, is still online. Here the link: https://www.uni-siegen.de/cs/medien/screenbooks/screenbook_waltherkoenig.pdf


Last but not least: A special feature of the video interview is the need to put yourself in the right #light not only verbally but also practically. It is important that you are easy to recognize and that you are not blinded yourself. Very bright light from the side can have the disadvantage that the illuminated half of your body and face looks very pale and your facial expressions cannot be recognized properly. Ceiling lights can, depending on their placement, blind the interviewer and make you appear only as a shadow. It is best to use a frontal, indirect light source. This source could be a window or a lamp reflected from the wall.


Think of three aspects in advance that you can bring to the job that may not be on your #resume. It is important to make yourself indispensable and attractive for the company. What added value you can you bring to the company with your #skills? Maybe your communication skills? Maybe your ambition? Or maybe your keen interest in the job topic? In times of home office, companies are increasingly looking for applicants who are flexible, independent and adaptable. One way to present these qualities could be to tell what your situation looked like during the difficult initial phase of the pandemic and how you coped with it. 


And now we come to the probably most important aspect of the „home interviews“ – the technical requirements. Here the motto is to eliminate as many sources of problems as possible in advance. This includes, among other things, that a reliable and sufficiently strong Wifi connection is available. It is also helpful to inform roommates/family about the upcoming job interview and to ask them not to download large data packages during the interview. Furthermore, the laptop should be fully charged, the cell phone should be available as backup and other applications should be closed to avoid annoying pop-up windows. You should also make sure that #camera and #microphone are working. It also makes sense to use a LAN cable for security reasons.


Think about possible #questions and what #answers you would give in order to be able to answer them as concisely as possible during the #interview. It is not about learning answers by heart, but about having ideas ready and appearing well prepared.  It is also very important to listen carefully to the interviewer, especially since you cannot perceive facial expressions and #gestures as well as in a personal conversation. Also pay attention to your #posture,  because it is important to show that you are concentrated and enthusiastic in the conversation. An upright posture makes you look confident and you do not run the risk of getting tired.

TIP: Practice this behavior during a video conference with a friend.


Since the interview takes place at a place that is familiar to you, it is all the more important that you and your surroundings are optimally prepared for the interview. The right lighting is just as important – preferably sunshine or the light of a lamp reflecting off the wall – as an appropriate outfit and a well-groomed appearance. All these factors have a positive effect on you. The camera should also be installed at approximately eye level. Finally, less is sometimes more – avoid elaborate backgrounds and instead make sure the scene is clean and tidy.