Already nosy …

… how it will sound, the Podcast of the Career Service of the University of Siegen? Here are forty five seconds withe samples form todays test recording. Basis for our podcast is career:FRAGEN. The new program will be launched as a digital event on April 27th at 3 pm.

If you want to be a part of the first real event, you can register via Unisono. [Link to the pre-announcement text]

The Zoom link will be sent directly to your email inbox on the morning of the event.

career:FRAGEN is in German. So joining it is a good idea if you want to gain some experience with the „German in an nutshell“ program. And to avoid getting mixed up: The first event starts at Wednesday April 27th at 3 pm, all other events Wednesday at 4 pm.

A little bit tricky, so for starters, the mixer in the recording studio of the ZIMT. Thanks to Oliver and André for the great introduction and support during the production.