Application knowledge for international students

Many things are different in Germany to your home country. This also is true for the topic of job applications. In this event we will give an overview of what will help you to create a successful German application:


  • Basic job search information
  • The written application, cover letter and curriculum vitae
  • Typical German: The thing with the attachments
  • Just smile: How to make the job interview successful

Trainer: Marcellus Menke, M. A., Head of Career Service at the University of Siegen

online-workshop: July 12, 2022, 3 to 5 pm [22-5103-o]
face-to-face workshop: July 12, 2022, 11 to 1 pm [22-5103-p]

In this event we use English as working language. If you want to attend an event in German, please check

In dieser Veranstaltung nutzen wir Englisch als Arbeitssprache. Wenn du gerne eine Veranstaltung in deutscher Sprache besuchen willst, schau bitte auf

Registration via Unisono:

This workshop is open for ATHENA Students. You can apply via e-mail. Further information is available here.