Career Guidance

We offer individual advice on all questions that arise during and after your studies when it comes to finding the best way into the right profession. Appointments via e-mail to

When you make an appointment, you will receive information on data protection and the confidentiality of the interview. We use Jitsi as a video conferencing tool in an installation that runs on a server at the university. The connection is completely end-to-end encrypted.

We have one hour for the consultation. That is quite a lot, but usually there are many questions and time passes quickly. Therefore a few tips what you can do in advance.

In preparation we recommend to take 15 or 20 minutes the day before the interview to write down all questions for the consultation. Then we can make sure during the conversation that we really address everything that is important to you.

For the conversation it is good if you find a quiet room in which you can conduct the consultation undisturbed.