How late …

… is too late? Well, it’s never too late for good wishes. We at the Career Service would like to wish you the best for the new year. We have started the New Year quite quickly, with many appointments and individual trainings. So it took some time for the good intentions of consistent blog writing to find its place. But here we are with a new input on job application!

How late is too late is also always a question when applying. For example: Can I still send in my application documents after the application deadline has passed? The answer is not as simple as it might seem and often not the probable expected no. You certainly can still apply, especially for jobs advertised online. The fact that the advertisement is still available, is an indication that an application may still be possible. Our recommendation: Simply give them a call and ask. If the phone call leads to a good conversation, this can be the basis for a good application, perhaps even for a completely different position in the company, which you were not aware of. In any case: Good luck!

And because twice is better, here, form the Career Service Christmas parcel, two little pigs. They are made from marzipan, designed to bring you a happy New Year.

Templates and patterns ..

… can be easily found all over the interent. From knitting patterns of winter sweaters to inspirations for the next elegant evening dress, and all sort of study and work templates, which could be very tempting for students to use. A fast solution to a seemingly complicated problem. For applications, cover letters and resumes, there are countless of templates on the Internet. My experience is that they are not helpful at all. They often even lead to a really bad presentation in the resume or cover letter, which often leads to a bad impression of the candidate. I can adapt the pattern of the garment to my size, but if I insert predefined or recommended phrases into my cover letter or resume, they remain a foreign body. What I myself want to say does not become visible. It is covered by the template. My own good idea doesn’t come up at all, and that’s a pity. Writing your resume or cover letter using your own expressive words will offer a better representation of who you are and what you can offer.