The first steps …

… don’t have to be big ones. Two steps forward, one step back. In the end, it doesn’t matter how big or small the steps are. The main thing is to start. Remember: stress management is not a sprint, it’s a walk. Four simple steps pave the way.

1. Insight: It’s too much! This is a realization that does not always come easily, yet is of enormous necessity. Only with insight, change can accompany it.

2. Seek advice: There is no one-size-fits-all solution to stress. Every person is different. So is the offer of help diverse. Questions like, „What do I need?“ „What form?“ „What do I expect?“ can help to find the right offer.

3. Before the counseling/coaching: What can I do? For example, keep a stress diary, watch for indicators of stressful situations, take first steps toward mindfulness, etc.

4. The first conversation: Becoming master of the situation again. Gain distance from the situation, gain clarity about upcoming tasks, gain an overview of options, set priorities.

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Step by step. Every hike has its ups and downs. Nevertheless, it goes on slowly but steadily.