One is …

… only as old as you feel. Everyone has probably heard or said this saying at some point. If you do not feel 100% comfortable in your body, this can be an additional burden. Try the following exercise, which you can easily do anywhere.

Progressive muscle relaxation (10 to 15 minutes)

  • Choose a comfortable position (sitting, lying, standing)
  • First direct your attention to your breathing
  • Start with the arm:
    • Move your attention to the arm
    • Make a fist, pull your arm to your body, tense your muscles with about 80% intensity and hold the tension for a few breaths.
    • Now release the tension and keep your attention on the arm for a few moments.
    • Perform the exercise with your other arm in the same way.
    • Face: squint your eyes, pull the corners of your mouth outward, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth, hold the tension for a few breaths, release and trace.
    • Torso: pull the shoulder blades back, tighten the abdomen, tense the gluteal muscles, release and trace
    • Neck and throat: tense muscles, press chin toward chest without touching chest and hold for several breaths, release and trace
    • Leg: tense muscles, curl toes down, release and trace. Repeat with the other leg
Coffee cup coffeeart
I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Maybe I’ll try Progressive Muscle Relaxation right next time I visit a cafe.