… an endless list. Stress is encountered by everyone, everywhere. No one can talk themselves out of it. Stress is divided into „positive“ and „negative“ stress. Positive stress can be stimulating over a certain period of time. As a rule, however, stress has a negative connotation. Here you can see which factors can play a role in a stress list:

  • Always being available.
  • Wanting to do several things at the same time.
  • Everything is equally important.
  • Having a lot of private appointments.
  • Rarely taking time for breaks.
  • Always having high demands on yourself, even in your free time.
  • Taking problems from work home .
  • Getting angry about things over which you have no control.
  • Finding it very difficult to say no.
  • Often being pressed for time already in the morning.
  • Spending the whole day in a hurry and the pressure of, „I hope I get everything done.“
  • Finding it hard to accept things as they are.
  • Seeing negative things rather than positive things.
  • Often feeling responsible for things that are not one’s fault.

And now, hand on heart: How many points do you find yourself in? Even if you find an example for every point on the list, that’s no reason to panic. Being aware of the stress factors is the first step towards being able to change them. The important thing is: Don’t just carry on as before. There is always something that can be changed and sometimes even small changes have a big effect.

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And if it does get to be too much. First take a deep breath.