Hurry up, …

… always be quick. We live in an age where performance and speed are crucial. Do your work quickly so that people recognize that you are valuable to the company. Speed can be both a blessing and a curse in many areas.

„Hurry up, always do it quickyl“ – But:

  • I take the time that is good for the cause and good for me.
  • It can also be fun.
  • When I slow down, my decisions and results improve.
  • When I slow down, I live more consciously.
Volleyball team Net People
Volleyball is a fast sport. During long rallies, you quickly become hectic and out of breath. A high ball helps to slow down the game and find your breath again.

Things …

… that I can change. These impulses for self-management may be helpful:

  • Give structure to the following day. Structures provide security and thus lead to a reduction in stress.
  • Don’t plan too full. Do not plan more than 60% of your working time.
  • Schedule breaks. Plan enough breaks and take them with a clear conscience. Only when you take care of yourself can you take care of others.
  • Set priorities. Priorities should be set when planning your day.
  • Set highlights. Give the day a highlight that you look forward to.
  • Keep an open mind to enjoyable things. One should be receptive to random beauties of the day.
  • Deliberate start to the day. A hectic start to the day, usually drags a hectic day behind it.
  • Pause and see successes. One should take the time and look at what has been accomplished and not only at the unfinished things.

What helps you to structure your day?

Nightsky Stars Trees
It is not always a matter of course to be able to experience such a beautiful and clear starry sky in a city flooded with light.