Trust is good …

… control is better. Losing control of things can often throw us off course. But sometimes it helps us. Let go and let yourself drift. Save up your strength so that you can get going at the right moment.
Letting go mentally (3 to 5 minutes)

  • Take a seat on a chair. Close your eyes. Rest your arms and hands on the back of the chair or fold them loosely in front of your stomach. Your feet are in contact with the floor.
  • Notice the sounds of your surroundings, your thoughts and emotions, your body.
  • Just let everything be there. Let what happens happen. The sounds, your thoughts and emotions.
  • You are just there and do nothing but be there. Allow everything to be there and let it happen.

Note: This exercise, used regularly, is first and foremost a classic relaxation exercise. However, it also trains the ability to let things happen and not always wanting/needing to control everything.

Sea Coast Current Rocks Sky Houses
The sea can be beautiful but also unsettling. If you get swept away by the current, don’t panic and just drift along. Save your strength to swim to a safe shore at the right moment.

Off to the …

… vacation. Everyone has probably heard this advertising slogan before. Vacation is always good and beautiful. Escape from everyday life and simply enjoy a change of scenery. New countries, new cultures, sounds, smells and tastes. All of this makes for a great vacation. But what if you can have a little vacation at home every day?
The inner vacation (3 to 5 minutes)

  • Take a seat and relax. Close your eyes and allow yourself to take a little trip down memory lane. Experience situations in which you were completely relaxed and felt at ease. Which situations come up?
  • Which situations do you want to choose and explore in more detail? Where, when, with whom was it? What images, sounds, smells, tastes do you associate with the situation? Maybe you want to stay in this situation for a few moments.
  • What feelings and moods do you perceive in your body?
  • Enjoy your feelings and moods and everything pleasant that you associate with this situation until a certain wake-up time.
sea shoes pants water green white stones
I always like to remember my first business trip to Greece. Even though there was a lot of work, it was like a little vacation.

One is …

… only as old as you feel. Everyone has probably heard or said this saying at some point. If you do not feel 100% comfortable in your body, this can be an additional burden. Try the following exercise, which you can easily do anywhere.

Progressive muscle relaxation (10 to 15 minutes)

  • Choose a comfortable position (sitting, lying, standing)
  • First direct your attention to your breathing
  • Start with the arm:
    • Move your attention to the arm
    • Make a fist, pull your arm to your body, tense your muscles with about 80% intensity and hold the tension for a few breaths.
    • Now release the tension and keep your attention on the arm for a few moments.
    • Perform the exercise with your other arm in the same way.
    • Face: squint your eyes, pull the corners of your mouth outward, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth, hold the tension for a few breaths, release and trace.
    • Torso: pull the shoulder blades back, tighten the abdomen, tense the gluteal muscles, release and trace
    • Neck and throat: tense muscles, press chin toward chest without touching chest and hold for several breaths, release and trace
    • Leg: tense muscles, curl toes down, release and trace. Repeat with the other leg
Coffee cup coffeeart
I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Maybe I’ll try Progressive Muscle Relaxation right next time I visit a cafe.

Once …

… breathe deeply in and out. Whether during sports, in stressful situations or in everyday life. Our breathing regulates our well-being. Especially in hectic situations. During my volleyball practive, I notice that after strenuous plays or frustrating situations, my breathing becomes irregular and hectic. The mindset AOB (Awareness Of Breath), I learned from an American volleyball player, helped me alot. 10 seconds of deep breathing in and out to reboot the complete body and mind.
In the coming posts, I will share with you some relaxation techniques to complete my stress series.

Breathing meditation (3 to 15 minutes)

  • Take a relaxed seat
  • Set a comfortable alarm
  • Close your eyes and surrender your body completely to the chair.
  • Realize that the next few minutes are all yours and that you can take the time with a clear conscience.
  • Notice the sounds without judgment.
  • Afterwards watch your thoughts for a few moments, also without judgment
  • Now direct your attention to your breathing. Find your personal rhythm. Breathe without effort. You don’t have to do anything, just be aware of your breath.
  • At the wake-up sound stretch and yawn once extensively.
roller coaster people sky looping clouds
Who does not know it. A wild roller coaster ride and your breath stops. Adrenaline shoots through the body, the heart beats faster and faster. At the end of such a ride, you have to take a deep breath.