Daily …

… motivated work. Who hasn’t experienced this? You wake up and realize that your motivation is at a very low level. An external incentive doesn’t always help. Ideally, you will find an inner driving force that motivates you. A few changing sentences and a simple exercise can help.

Phrases that change:

  • „I want to“ instead of „I have to“
  • „I can work on this task without much effort“ instead of „This work is boring
  • Visualize the relevance of the task or ask the question: What is better afterwards?


  • Pick one of the sentences above that appeals to you the most at this moment.
  • Take an index card and write the sentence on the front. On the back, write an example situation in which the impulse is helpful for you.
  • Put the card in your wallet/handbag/jacket so that it is always to hand.
Flower Yellow Blossom
Whenever motivation comes from within, you really blossom. Regardless of the external circumstances.