A new …

… look at the inner driver. We all know them. Phrases that come up in everyday life and consciously or unconsciously put us under pressure. We probably even heard many of them as children. Permission sentences help you to take the harmful edge off your inner drivers.

„Always be perfect“ – But:

  • Nobody can be perfect.
  • Usually 80% is enough.
  • I can also make mistakes and that’s okay.
  • I take care of my health, which is more important than a 100% result.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll remind you of a few sentences that I’m sure we’ve all heard before. Let’s break down these punchy sentences together.

trees sky blue water bank flood
The Rhine has also offered a new view in recent days.

Daily …

… motivated work. Who hasn’t experienced this? You wake up and realize that your motivation is at a very low level. An external incentive doesn’t always help. Ideally, you will find an inner driving force that motivates you. A few changing sentences and a simple exercise can help.

Phrases that change:

  • „I want to“ instead of „I have to“
  • „I can work on this task without much effort“ instead of „This work is boring
  • Visualize the relevance of the task or ask the question: What is better afterwards?


  • Pick one of the sentences above that appeals to you the most at this moment.
  • Take an index card and write the sentence on the front. On the back, write an example situation in which the impulse is helpful for you.
  • Put the card in your wallet/handbag/jacket so that it is always to hand.
Flower Yellow Blossom
Whenever motivation comes from within, you really blossom. Regardless of the external circumstances.