Earthquake early warning systems …

… are based on a network of reliable sensors. It detects seismic waves, evaluates them and automatically activates a warning signal. There is also an early warning system for stress. We can react to it. But this only works if we are mindful. There are three categories: physical symptoms, our own behavior and the reaction of the environment.

Physical symptoms: sleep disturbance, fatigue, eyelid fluttering, stomach distress, rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure.

My behavior: Hasty and restless, excessive consumption of coffee, tea, sweets, denial of stress, no time for free time

Reaction of those around me: Friends who no longer contact me, co-workers who no longer contribute colleagues who withdraw from work

And as with all warning signals, they want to be taken seriously. Overhearing them and just carrying on is not a good idea. So take action and change something.

Hall Art Exhibition BTS Totem Symbols James Jean
Unlike an earthquake, over which we have little influence, we can regulate our own sensations. Here I visited an art exhibition of my favorite band. Just escape from everyday life for a while.