An invitation to a job interview …

… you got the call! Finally, a positive reply after all those applications. You have earned this. Now you are excited! But after the excitements fades you start to get nervous again … How can I prepare for the job interview, you ask yourself.

Here are a few tips from my visit to the Career Service seminar: It for instance helps to imagine the different phases of the job interview. Such as the Welcome and the End. First impressions are strong and lasting. Start with a smile. This helps you to concentrate on the questions ahead. For example, talking about the demands of the job, your experience in studies and internships and how this fits to the job. So it is also good to know some details about the company.

Another tip: Wear suitable and comfortable clothes. Anything that makes you feel comfortable is good for the interview.

And now you want to know how to keep all the important information in mind, while sitting nervously in the job interview. Memorizing prepared answers is not a good idea. In the seminar the Loci method was introduced. I liked it.

At the end of the interview you will probably be asked if you have any questions. No, is not the recommended answer. Remember that this could be your permanent job. So you should at least have some questions.

Do you have any now? You can ask the Career Service. Send an email to