Planning the future…

…can be overwhelming. It could easily consume your days and become a constant stress factor. 

 It is important to take some time off, where you do not think about your plans. This is crucial, not only for your physical and mental health, but also for a better and more efficient planning process. After your break from planning, and when you then revisit your ideas, you will begin to see opportunities, or threats , which were not visible before. You will also identify strengths and weaknesses of your plans. The more you engage in this process of thinking and then pausing completely, and then rethinking, the more refined your plan will be, as you will put your ideas under the test of ‘fresh thinking’. It will be a little bit similar to writing an article and having a friend look over it for spelling mistakes, the friend’s fresh eyes will point out things which you were blind to while engaging closely with your work. So take a deep breath, plan a nice weekend for yourself and start again next Monday!

It is important to look at your text with fresh eyes, either by laying it aside for a couple of days or asking a friend to go through it, you might be surprised with what they might discover.