Planning can be intimidating…

…but knowing the tools to planning could help make the process easier, and eventually a habit. In the next biweekly post, we will discuss the essential tools a student needs to start planning. But first, we have to understand why planning is important. Here are four reasons for you to seriously consider planning in the spring semester.

First, Planning Gives direction. A clearly defined goal helps to steer you in the right direction when many inputs cloud your thinking, a concisely laid out, preferably written, goal would help ground you when you are feeling lost. For example: I want to graduate in two years, then I need to take X number of exams every semester to reach this goal.

Second, planning saves time. Much of the micro tasks which need to be done on a day to day basis could be forgotten if they are not written down, and sometimes they are what you need to do to reach your goal. Planning time for these tasks daily would ensure you never forget them.

Third, planning ensures you have enough time to relax. When your daily scheduled study sessions are over, the rest of the day is yours to relax or pursue personal projects.

Fourth, planning creates accountability which could be motivating to stick to your schedule the next day.

It is important to know that creating the habit of planning needs time. So be patient with yourself and stay tuned for our planning tools post on 29.02!