Always be …

… strong, show no weaknesses.Generally speaking, many young men will have heard this phrase in one form or another. But is there anything wrong with showing weakness? Aren’t we in the process of breaking stereotypical ways of thinking?

„Always be strong, don’t show weaknesses“ – But:

  • Weaknesses make you human.
  • Feelings make you human and likeable.
  • Only when others see you as you really are do you appear approachable and honest.
  • Only when you show your weaknesses will you receive help and not be alone.
  • I am allowed to „put myself out there“ for others.
  • I don’t have to achieve and accomplish everything to be worth something.
Star Wars Darth Vader lightsaber costume
Unlike the Jedi, who must always control their emotions, the Sith are guided by them. It’s okay to show weakness sometimes, as long as you don’t want to subjugate the whole galaxy.