Somehow …

… I feel a bit like sitting in a train restaurant when I’m sitting at the small meeting table, which is now in my office on the side with the five windows. Today I brought a pasta dish for my lunch break, just like on the train, and even though the window next to me is a bit higher than the one on the train, you can imagine the landscape passing by while you eat.

I think I miss travelling and the direct exchange with colleagues at training courses and conferences and also simply changing places. When you help people to develop their perspective for the future, you need different perspectives yourself. In any case the new office is very inspiring for my work.

The first cup of tea …

… in the new office, today shortly after three. Certainly well deserved.

Moving an office is always more work than you expect and everything took its time. But now we are finally finished, although Friday and already a bit late. Thanks to everybody and a nice weekend.

Starting in January …

… the new English language seminars and trainings. Only two days we were able to free up for the preparation of the new seminars. And then: a construction site in front of our office window. Quiet working was no longer possible. Sometimes I wonder why improving structures for society always means a big racket. I hope that our touch-up work is not as loud as the road construction can be heard in our office. Tonight it should be finished, the work on the road surface at the bus stop, and hopefully the seminar concepts as well.

English Version

We are currently working on the English version of our website. Technically it will be realized as an own subdomain. The content should be independent and not a 1:1 copy of the German website. We are looking forward to your feedback.